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About us

We are different and progressive, a metamorphosis in the field of business. The world is constantly changing, it is inevitably moving forward, and at the same time our way of life is changing. Technology has become an integral part of our lives.

The changes it brings are reflected in the way we live by challenging the very approach to work and labor. We have gladly embraced the changes and made a symbiosis, the best of the old system with the new ways of approaching the core of work culture. Professionalism and respect on one hand, uncompromising quality and freedom of creativity on the other. In addition, reliability, trust, respect for the client’s privacy and guarantee of the desired result.

How are we different?

Our uniqueness consists in the fact that dry work becomes a game, we play with ideas, we add, we subtract with unbound freedom of thought and time, where we give rise to creations that have their own life.

For us (RenegadeIT), the project is not just something that needs to be done, but something that requires its own unique signature, that has its own individual story. Complete immersion, dedication and attention to details are at the core of our essence. We are engaged in creating a living, breathing product that we turn into a legend of its niche across the sea of time. Our specific spirit arose from the new principles and methods of work, and as such, unique, is unrivalled.

Our principles

The basis is humanity. People who work with us are not resources, clients are not wallets. Our basic principle is to respect the individuality of all of us, which allows expression of the pure essence, the completeness of what the client desires and how we come to the best solutions free from the constraints of the strict terminology of the old ways of doing business.

From the perspective of humanity, respect, free expression of everything that makes us special, these are exactly the reasons why our work cannot result in anything less but sheer success.

We are not limited by working hours. We are free to work during the very period in which we are the most productive. This allows us to achieve the best results possible in a more efficient manner and be there for our clients whenever they need us.

We are not limited by our workplace. The whole world can be our office. What inspires us at the moment, where the best ideas come to our mind, where we feel alive and creative, is our perfect place for an office.

Work is not a matter of means for survival. To us, work is a game, a passion, a creation, a meaning, a way of life. Our job is not just to do what is required, we have abandoned that concept. It’s never boring, we’re not forcing ourselves to be productive, there are no limits or boundaries. We work because we love, because we give a part of ourselves that will always be immortal in our deeds. We work without anxiety, strict rules, and stress. Problems are challenges for growth and improvement, they are not surprises that knock us off our feet. We can overcome everything, because there are no stumbling blocks as presentations of old ways, we are free. There is no “impossible” in our dictionary.

We choose our clients. We’re not going to work anything for anyone simply for profit. Our clients are individuals, firms, companies focused on humanity and fairness, capable of coping up with the development and constant change, of understanding the concept of freedom, and ready to let us be the best versions of ourselves. Our clients are open and focused on the goal which demands perfection. Our clients deserve our best, because we ourselves want to achieve nothing less.

Where are we going?

We’re going wherever our imagination, passion and wishes want us to go. Our direction is always forward. We strive to expand the range of our services, to keep pace with innovations.

RenegadeIT support technological progress, and therefore intend to go even deeper into the IT and include software development, AI, robotics in our scope of services. We also support efforts to switch to renewable energies, environmentally-friendly lifestyle and preservation of our planet.

We strive for the very top, where we can address broader issues about the transition of society in compliance with innovation, our tangible, concrete work and association with others who share our view of the world, further changes and challenges that await us as a society.

Why the Renegade?

When we walk the same well-trodden paths, we get the same results, nothing new, nothing better. Throughout history, we are well aware of those who dared to take a turn into the unknown. At first we did not understand them, we condemned them, we called them outlaws, black sheep, until they showed us results that world can be a better place. Now we are all reaping the fruits of those turns that these outlaws took. Today, we celebrate them as heroes.

We’re bringing down the old, we’re building the new, this is our rebellion, because progress demands those who are brave enough to go where no man has gone before and leave a trail behind that will echo in the future, progress demands the Renegades!



Founder – CEO – Lead Designer

Creative maestro dedicated to achieve perfection.

Here to shape ideas into reality, and make your brand momentous.



Strategist – CTO – Lead Developer

Solution architect, strategy whizz.

Steadfast developer ready to take your business to the next level of excellency.

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