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Why are we here?

Everything we have now in this world had its starting point. Our website and services are our starting point, starting point to build something much greater, something to better this world. Yeah, I know it sounds farfetched, but why not do it anyway? If we have ideas and continue to hide thinking that we are too small to make a change we lost already.


Our world is far from perfect, that is why we have so much space to make it better, and why not? Why give up, thinking it is too much of a journey, or seems impossible from this small starting point to get anywhere. Well, the thing is not to do it alone. We are all together in this world and we are the ones who make the rules, choices, and with it create what we have now. Now is the consequence of our individual choices we make every day as a whole on this Earth.

As we make world as it is today, we can make it way better also. Together is the key word. If we think alone, try to do something alone it won’t work, because this world is not one human, but 7.8 billion.

Just think about it. If we connected all our resources, minds, talents, skills, what could we do? What if we throw away this money priority and focus on doing it better together? Don’t you think we’ll have more of everything we need, not less.

A woman's hand is holding a note with the message she wrote when she did not intend. And now she uses the scissors to cut off the letter T because she was inspired by something.


This change has to happen or this society will drop further into poverty, economic crisis, depression, etc. Things as they are now are not sustainable, it is easy to see it. We need to combine our strength to make changes that will last and achieve sustainability. Again, we must do it together, be a little less selfish, it won’t hurt.

Doing things for each other will make us all richer not poorer. I think it is imperative to put one another wellbeing in front of profit, because when we have more happy people and healthier society money comes naturally as a result of our efforts to do good.



Doing good, helping is not weakness it is strength that built empires in our history. What if we took some of that mindset and worked for greater things, for one another. Yes, I know all of us have been hurt by showing kindness, but that is not the reason to build more walls, the opposite, despite the hurt show courage and continue, others will follow. Nobody follows those who stay on the ground after they have tripped on some rock, but those who do stand up and go on.

Let’s be those who go on, but go on together as a community, as true humans that we are; curious, creative, smart and above all loving.

We are here to do this, to help, to build new, to persevere, to make an impact, to change step by step, no fear!



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